Models for factors analysis

Models for factors analysis.

These models are used by business consultants of well-known consulting companies. They approach a wide range of cases and help to argue the decision of your team.

Separately, each model won’t help you to analyze all aspects of a business problem. In complicated cases, they are good for start and are used in a complex way depending on the situation (see types of cases).

The mentioned models are the basis for the analysis of any business case. Skilled proficiency of using these models, allows you to speak the same language to everyone, from a graduate of a university to a director of an enterprise with an MBA degree.

We call your attention to the list of models for analysis. Click on the appropriate link and study the models in detail.

The list of models for analysis:

  1. Internal and external factors analysis

  2. Costs / Benefits Analysis

  3. Alternative costs

  4. SWOT Analysis

  5. PEST analysis

  6. Supply and demand analysis

  7. Product Life Cycle Curve

  8. Fixed \ Variable costs

  9. Analysis of marginal costs

  10. Matrix 2x2

  11. Matrix BCG

  12. 3C model

  13. 4P model

  14. Value added chain analysis

  15. Core competencies

  16. Comparison with the Standard

  17. Comparison with the best experience

  18. Porter's 5 Forces

  19. Financial analysis

  20. Net present value