Evaluation of the results of the case

A business case is first and foremost a simulation of a real work situation. When you work for a company, you will work on projects. Realization of any project requires the passage of certain stages. So, the case should reflect these stages, on each of which the team needs to show certain abilities.

During the presentation of the solution of the case which is made by a team, representatives of the companies will evaluate the team according to the set of criteria. Part of the criteria may vary depending on the requirements of the company-customer and the features of the business. Organizers of case contests inform about the criteria for evaluating teams immediately before the start of the competition. The teams receive these criteria together with the case-task.

However, there are criteria that will be tested in any company on any case:

  • Analytic skills

  • Attractiveness of the idea

  • Structure and logic of the solution

  • Presentation

  • Team organization


Analytic skills.

Any project requires preliminary study:

  • Systematization of data

  • Search for information

  • Lining up the settlement model

  • Formulation of recommendations

The quality of the analysis will be assessed in terms of:

  • Width of analysis

  • Depth of analysis

All this should be demonstrated by the team during calculations while solving the case. It is possible that in the case study there will not be all the information. When searching for information, use the Internet and industry resources. Do not hesitate to ask questions to company representatives. Take care of the time of these busy people and ask questions on the merits.

Models of factors analysis will help to structure the analysis. These models are widely known in the business environment. More details about them can be found on the "Analysis models" page.



Not only Power Point slides but also presentation skills of the team are evaluated.


Power Point presentation.

The evaluation criteria for this block are the following:

  • Presentation format

  • The structure of the presentation

  • The quality of delivering the idea

The format of the presentation:


  • The presentation includes graphs, diagrams and diagrams that justify the statements

  • The color scheme of the presentation is harmonious and contains no more than 3-5 colours. All slides are decorated in the same style

  • The headings are informative and reflect the main idea of the slide

The structure of the presentation:

  • The title of the presentation reflects its main idea

  • The main goals of the presentation are clearly stated in its beginning

  • The "horizontal logic" of the slide headers is respected

  • All slides are sequentially interconnected, a clear script line is traced

The quality of delivering the idea:

  • One slide contains one idea

  • The content of the slide corresponds to its title

  • Short sentences are used that clearly reflect the idea

  • There is no extra information distracting from the main idea

More information about preparing a presentation can be found on the "Presentation" page.


Presentation skills of the team:

  • Involving the audience

  • Keeping attention

  • Answers on questions

  • Gesticulation

  • Pauses, intonations, voice

  • Eye contact with the audience


For more information on pumping presentation skills, see the "Useful" section on the "Speaking skills" page.


The attractiveness of the idea:

  • Innovation. Try to make your decision suggest something really new, interesting. Something that would be remembered by the judges

  • Possibility of implementation. Before you finally determine the chosen strategy for solving the problem proposed in the problem, evaluate - how much it is realizable. It is unlikely that the company will really implement a strategy that involves huge costs

  • Correspondence to the tasks of the case. Define the main task of the case at the beginning of your decision, and draw its line in accordance with this task. This will help the team optimize the time and resources spent on the case


Structure and logic of the solution.

The following components of structural thinking are evaluated:


  • The ability to see the whole picture, and not concentrate on solving tactical tasks

  • The ability to identify, formulate and distinguish between problems and consequences

  • The ability to analyze the situation logically, form and test hypotheses and to give arguments of your choice

You can learn more about how to structure your solution on the "Solution Structure" page. 


Team organization.

The effectiveness of the teamwork is evaluated in terms of:

  • Processes

  • Result

Criteria are many, but representatives of companies will only evaluate those that are in sight:

  • Formation of an effective team

  • Achieving the team’s goals

  • Effective interaction and distribution of roles in the team

  • Satisfying the team and personal interests of all team members

More information about the secrets of effective team work can be found on the page "Working in a team".