Olympiad Stages

In the work on the solution of any business case, everything is quite simple and at the same time difficult.

Simple, because, in fact, on the way to the result you need to do just three main things:

  • Gather a team

  • Solve the case

  • Present your solution

It is difficult, because under conditions of stress and time constraints, a team needs to show what it is capable of:

  • Do your best both intellectually and physically

  • Be able to organize, make your own style of work

  • Combine creativity with the result orientation

Olympiads can be structurally different. It depends on the plans of the company-customer and on the number of participants. In most cases, case- olympiad consists of five stages:

  1. Gather a team

  2. Registration

  3. The 1st Stage

  4. The 2nd Stage

  5. Finale

A team that desires to succeed needs to know the key features of these stages.


Gather a team

Team gathering is one of the most important stages. A team can consist of current students or graduates, who received a diploma no more than three years ago. Recommended number of team participants is 4 people. In some cases, at the initiative of the company-customer, the size of the team may vary in greater or lesser degree.

To get more detailed information - read the conditions for participation in the case-study you selected. Lifehacks which will help you to form an effective team see in the section "Teamwork".



At this stage it is important not to miss the registration deadlines and register the team on time. Carefully study the requirements of the organizers for the composition of the team and the number of its participants.

Do not delay registration till the last day! Register as soon as you have the team. If a team lacks enough participants - let us know, we’ll try to help and find participants.


1st stage

Usually it is held online. At this stage, participants learn how to prepare written reports and provide business case solutions at the level of top managers.

Teams receive an e-mail task in the form of a business case and solve it within the allotted time. Usually 7 days are allocated for the solution. The format of a business case can be different, at the discretion of the organizers.

Presentations with solutions should be sent to the organizers no later than the date and time specified in the rules of the specific case-Olympiad. The volume of presentation with the solution is from 5 to 15 slides Power Point.

The best teams pass to the 2nd Stage of the competition.


2nd stage

At this stage, the personal presence of teams is required. There participants are involved in solving complex problems in conditions of stress and pressure of time constraints. The team will present the results of the solution to the top management.

Teams receive a new business case and solve it.

  • Time to solve - 60 minutes

  • Time for presentation - 10 minutes

  • Answers to jury questions - 10 minutes

From the presentation tools, at this stage, teams have only paper, colorful markers and a flip chart.



The best teams go to the finale of the Olympiad. Teams again get a new business case and solve it. Unlike the previous stage, teams assert their solution with the help of a computer-generated presentation.

  • Time to resolve and design - 90 minutes

  • Presentation time - 15 minutes

  • Answers to jury questions - 10 minutes

The task at the finale can also be complicated by the presentation and assertion of the solution in English:

  • Presentation language - English

  • Presentation defence language - English

Winning teams are awarded with honored diplomas, cups. Organizers have the right to provide other prizes and nominations.