Academy of Business-Cases

In this section, you can find materials for the preparation for case-olympiads. This information will help you to plan the time and resources of the team correctly at all stages of a Case-Olympiad. You will focus on really important points and increase your chances of winning. In the future, the skills obtained in the Сase-Olympiads will help to solve real problems of real business. So you can quickly build a career as a manager or a business consultant. Here you can find links on the topic to other useful materials and resources.


Within the framework of preparation, we recommend you to study the following material in sequence:

  1. Case method

  2. Stages of Case-Olympiad

  3. Teamwork

  4. Presentation

  5. Models of factors’ analysis

  6. The structure of the solution

  7. Assessment of the case

  8. LifeHacks


The list of articles will be gradually supplemented. Follow our news!