Why are we

  • Majority of students don’t have enough necessary relations and skills for a successful career

  • It takes years to obtain relations and skills and only in the case of working for a leading company


How does it work

We give knowledge on conferences and trainings. Employees will learn how to:

  • Form a command and play roles in it

  • Investigate and resolve tasks

  • Create and hold presentations

  • Prove your point of view

  • Speak to an audience of 500 people

We strengthen this knowledge and turn them into stable skills at case-championships:

  • Teams compete in front of a company representatives

  • Are evaluated according to the criteria


Participants in the championships increase their chances of finding a job in the best companies.

Case-championship is a social elevator.


When we are turned to

Prepare for the position of the head:

  • Lack of knowledge and skills

  • MBA education is still expensive

Making a career:

  • Lacks necessary relations and contacts

  • Insufficient recommendations

You want to achieve everything in life by yourself:

  • Without the help of parents and their relations


We give practical experience for work and introduce you to the leading companies.


We will not help

  • The applicant expects that he will be forced and controlled

  • We will not force or compel anyone

  • We exclude those without initiative. We don’t have the resources to work with them

  • We help those who want to develop themselves


Our features

  • It's not just a game. We solve real cases of real Companies

  • Tired of solving problems from books and can’t wait to try yourself out in real business

  • Want to compare yourself with other candidates for a good vacancy

  • Call us! We have a competition to solve complex problems from real business