• Most of companies have difficulties in finding a candidate with the prospect of growth for a vacancy

  • There are hundreds of responses, but few of them are suitable

  • No one of employees has grown to the required level

  • Colleagues advise a good candidate, but they are busy or expensive

  • The story of success of an applicant at a previous place of work does not guarantee his success at a new place

  • The company chooses the wrong candidate, hence it loses time and opportunities


How does it work

Research and consulting:

  • Evaluation of the employer's attractiveness with a focus on young specialists

  • Development of the Graduate Marketing strategy

  • Creating a visual concept of working with young specialists

  • Making offers to young specialists

Marketing and events:

  • Development of websites and landings

  • Maintaining groups in social networks

  • Promo-companies through the Arena of Business Cases, partner websites and in Universities

  • Case-Olympiads, conferences, master classes

Recruitment and assessment of staff:

  • Selection by CV

  • Holding telephone interviews

  • Assessment Centers

  • Business cases and assessment tools

Training and adoptation of staff:

  • Educational business cases

  • Business games

  • Comprehensive training programs based on business cases

  • Staff handbook


Turn to us

We will help to recruit talented employees:

  • Increase the number of qualitative responses to the vacancy

  • Increase the employer rating among promising young people


Let us take up the matter of any complexity:

  • Promo vacancies

  • We will create a system increasing the loyalty of applicants to the company

  • We will boost your HR brand


We will not help

We will not help, if the customer representative expects a kickback, because:

  • We conduct only legal business

  • We’ve chosen this position as a matter of principle

  • We don’t give kickbacks and we will not prompt to whom you can turn to


Our features

  • We love interesting tasks and non-standard projects

  • If you have a complicated project – call. We can even more